Speed to Market

Design, build and deliver product at speed

React to ever-changing customer needs through rapid build and deployment of new products.

1insurer enables you to vary or build new products faster and more efficiently than ever before so you never miss an opportunity.

One stop control

End-to-end, customer-centric, policy management

Equally adept at handling personal, commercial or specialty business lines, it uses our ‘Rule of 1’ single data model to provide a 360-degree view of the customer.

View the complete relationship you have with each customer and deliver first-class service every time with 1insurer Policy’s integrated sales and service capabilities.


Integrated Billing

Included as standard

Billing is integrated with 1insurer Policy. No need to integrate other solutions – reducing cost and risk.

Integrated Billing delivers complete control over financial transactions — who can process, who can approve — with full audit, regulatory and compliance capability built right into the system — easy to use and easy to identify what happened, when it happened and who did it – Find out more

Benefit through design

Achieving results for our clients through innovative design.

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