Agent flexibility

Statement-based collection to every Agent’s individual terms

Comprehensive collection options.  Match each Agent’s credit terms, pay gross or net of commissions and automate processes to balance speed and accuracy across products and territories.

Simplify the complex – manage key relationships effectively through a system designed to deliver financial best-practice.

Customer adaptability

Flex payment plans to match customer needs

Bill plans drive collection.  Tailor these to customer circumstances to maximize quote conversion and subsequent renewal.

Automation and flexibility ensures that you offer the right plan to each customer at the right time.

Pre-integrated simplicity

Eliminate the challenge of billing integration

Plug and play capability with 1insurer Suite products.  No integration costs and faster speed to ‘go live’.

Integrated financials ensure monies can be reconciled within 1insurer speeding up the auditing process vital to any project installation.

Benefit Through Design

Achieving results for our clients through innovative design.

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